Low-frequency ultrasound lipocavitation

The 3D SCULPT method

Lipocavitation is a technology that allows fat cells to be destroyed and eliminated through the lymphatic, urinary and digestive systems. Unlike some other methods that only succeed in draining water from the tissues, cavitation acts directly on the fat cell. The results of this painless method are comparable to liposuction without the disadvantages associated with invasive surgery (anesthesia, scarring and convalescence). An effective and safe technique, it is authorized by the ANSM for use in Beauty Institutes, Spas, and Slimming Centers.

The SCULPT 3D protocol

From the first session, a loss of adipose mass of up to 3 cm is observed. One area is treated per session per week. The results are so considerable that measurements are taken before and after each treatment allowing you to see the progression. A minimum of 4 sessions per area are recommended.

Le SCULPT 3D 2014 Generation III

Developed and marketed since 2006 by the Dermo Technic Group, the SCULPT 3D AFFINE, TONIFY, SCULPT legs, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and inside.
The SCULPT 3D is the only device that combines the perfect synergy of lipocavitation and leds (red 650 nm leds) in the treatment of body care that has seduced more than 300 approved centres.
SCULPT 3D is a real alternative to surgical liposuction. Safe and non-invasive for a radical elimination of localized cellulite, skin firming, starting from 30 minute sessions. Totally painless, the results obtained are spectacular, visible and long-lasting from the first session.

SCULPT 3D guarantees visible and long-lasting results: a REAL SUCCESS.


Duration: 1h00 CHF 80.-* (CHF 160.-)

*A 50% discount is given to holders of the beauty concept card.
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