Smile rejuvenation

Extrasmile®: safe, effective, fast, painless, risk-free and inexpensive tooth whitening:
CHF 169.- per session

The smile is one of the first things people notice. Your smile is your most beautiful business card, it is a major asset of seduction!

Whiter teeth through unique cosmetic tooth whitening.

Extrasmile® is a cosmetic tooth whitening product approved in Switzerland by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH): The assurance of an effective treatment carried out in complete safety.

Brighten your teeth

extrasmile® is an innovative tooth whitening technique that will allow you to rejuvenate your smile in a safe, long-lasting, effective, fast, painless and cost-effective way. Your teeth will be visibly whiter after a single treatment of only 25 minutes.
The extrasmile® treatment quickly removes stains and yellowing caused by aging, coffee, tobacco, red wine or strongly coloured foods.
The extrasmile® tooth whitening is obtained thanks to the combined action of a peroxide-based formula and a cold light source of the blue spectrum acting as an activator.
This procedure, directly derived from the tooth whitening techniques used by dentists, is now offered to you, as a preview in Switzerland, in a purely cosmetic procedure.

Sustainably gain up to 2 lighter shades in a 25-minute whitening session!

From now on, you have no more excuses. Don’t hesitate any longer! Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of a radiant smile anymore!