What is pulsed light hair removal? What is pulsed light hair removal?
It is a process that uses light energy and allows a progressive and long-lasting depilation.

This light energy is selectively absorbed by the melanin in the hair.

It is then transmitted to the hair follicle, which is inhibited by the action of heat.

My treatment

  • Procedure :
    During your first appointment, your esthetician will observe your skin and hair type and will set up a personalized treatment. Then, each step will be explained to you.
  • Sensation :From the first flash, you will be surprised by the soft warm sensation of the pulsed light. Each pulse will then be the sign of a deeply depilated skin, soft and silky again.
  • Results : They’re amazing! Up to 90% of the hair in the treated area will be removed at the end of the treatment cycle. An average treatment cycle consists of 8 sessions.


Upper Lip CHF 65.-
Cheekbones and cheeks CHF 90.-
Full face (without eyebrows) CHF 190.-
chin CHF 90.-
full eyebrows CHF 90.-
cross-brow CHF 90.-


Classic bikini CHF 140.-
Brazilian bikini CHF 240.-
Cheeks De CHF 140.- à CHF 290.-
Notched bikini CHF 200.-
Complete bikini CHF 260.-
Zone A CHF 90.-


Underarms CHF 160.-
Forearm CHF 230.-
1/2 legs including knees CHF 490.-
Full legs CHF 790.-
Upper arm CHF 230.-
Whole arm CHF 290.-
Thighs CHF 590.-
Feet + Toes CHF 40.-


Back De CHF 300.- à CHF 600.-
Neck CHF 200.-
Torso De CHF 300.- à CHF 600.-
Neck CHF 200.-

A personalized quote is recommended

When two areas are treated simultaneously, a 10% discount is applied to the cheapest area.

A 50% discount is granted to holders of the beauty concept card ( excluding facials ).
Ask your beautician for more information